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2010-10-03 12:14 am

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch

BBC Sherlock is the best thing I've seen this year, which have turned me into a crazy new fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, watching everything he appears in. With a name like that it can never go wrong. So of course I had to draw him- see I don't just draw Kame XD

full view under cut )

KAT-TUN's new song title "Change Ur World", the "ur" is amusing me loads XD
It sounds upbeat and dancey and YAY!!!!! I can't wait.
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2010-08-05 10:01 pm
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2010-06-20 04:57 pm
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Another Kame painting.

I don't usually work with colours as you can see why...D:

Acrylic paint, but edited some parts with photoshop because I am allowed to cheat XP
Also hair is a mess cause I have no patience to do it after 5 hrs.
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2010-03-23 12:06 am

LOL! D-motion's older brother

I heard this line "I always feel like...." on a tv ad and I immediately snapped up cause it sounds exactly like D-Motion's "I wanna feel like..."
Call me crazy but check it out at 0:53 second. And it amuses me so how the whole song is techno-fied too.

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2010-02-24 07:48 pm
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Why is MatsuJun selling mascara....


I was so amused when I was paying at the cashiers. This is at Watson's, a  health and beauty chain store and no I wasn't tempted to get one.
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2009-10-04 11:54 am


He is one fine man, i simply cannot resist.

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2009-09-28 01:49 am

ilu Merlin!

Merlin: There must be easier ways to prove yourself..
Arthur: Shut up Merlin

Oh Merlin, your life is so hard. It's unfortunate that it is your destiny.
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2009-08-26 10:58 pm


I don't have enough time for another fandom!Damn their catchy songs and their eyeliners.

Last of all, I would so ship this..asddfghjk....sorry Jin...


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2009-06-08 03:37 am


Left to right
Koki- Kougaiji
Junno- Son Goku
Kame- Genjyo Sanzo
Jin- Sha Gojyo
Ueda- Cho Hakkai
Nakamaru- Dokukaguji

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2009-05-18 12:43 am
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Kame/1582  inspired....Doesn't really look like him but I loved painting this one a lot. Sitting there imagining how Kame would look like is the most fun thing on earth...
Kame owns my soul.

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2009-04-07 02:13 pm

1582 reasons to love it....

Kame's solo is made of sex....I have no other words to describe it. The weird lips smacking in the middle is a bit disturbing...but all in all it is ridiculously wonderful..I am so glad it is not jazzy ballad type he keeps doing!!!
I am convinced that i will get this album now.
All the people going to the concert, you are so lucky....I imagine Kame's solo will be scorching hot, he's gonna seduce the hell out of you and Jin's Care will turn you into a pile of goo....
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2009-03-26 12:28 am
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ROFL..You have to see this

This is the cutest thing ever

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2009-02-21 11:37 am

Rescue me....

The first time I heard Rescue I absolutely hated it, not my kind of music genre.

And then music station happened...and this )
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2008-11-29 10:33 pm

Hi there, first pv that made me cry!

I love everything about this single. I'm so glad i bought it.
Simple pv, but i think the acting is great. It really feels like they're missing a loved one but still hopeful.

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2008-05-06 09:50 am
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kame! fanart

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! DUES pv..........nosebled to death.  Ueda x glasses is so my otp now.....
This pv pawns every je pv, heck, every pv in the world!