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It's been very difficult for me to speak about the concert experience. A part of me wants to keep it private but another part wants to share it with the world. It's insane but I also fear that by writing about it I may distort/pollute the memory of it in the process( which is silly cause memory is constantly being reconstructed). But if I don't have a record of it I may not remember the details in just a few weeks time ( yes my memory is that weak)

So here is gonna be a very personal account of the concert. I ask that you indulge me and do not inform me of anything amiss or different from other concert reports of the same show. This is also amazingly long so I shall be a kind soul and highlight in red the more interesting parts. Be warned that this is very much Kame centric.

It wasn't difficult finding the venue especially with the fangirls all around us( I went with a friend) in the train. It's a short walk from the train station to the concert hall-Intex Osaka. It's usually used as an exhibition hall. The doors opened at 5pm and the show started at 6pm sharp. It was raining when we got there( 4.15pm) and we saw fans lining up in groups according to their ticket numbers.

I asked a staff nearby where to get the concert goods and he pointed me to an adjacent hall. So off we went and to my delight, Promise Song was playing in the hall. Unfortunately, I had a really tight budget so I had to choose carefully what I really wanted and ended up with the programme book and the crown penlight! I wanted a group uchiwa too but there were none D:
Then we went and joined in the queue outside, hoping that we have good seats- I did not know then that it was a standing concert . At around 5pm, the staff started asking specific groups to move forward into the hall. When it was finally my group's turn we walked into the hall and to my surprise, there were no seats and we were supposed to just stand in this barricaded box. I had a tough time deciding which position to take up. Here's the layout.


The perimeter of my box were all taken up so I ended up choosing that spot in red cause the girls in front of me were short. Soon the boxes all get filled up, but still comfortable enough to dance on the spot. There were quite a few older women and I saw a couple of guys too. XD

From here on it gets very messy as I can't remember the sequence of songs exactly.

At 6pm sharp, the lights dimmed and the abrupt fangirl screams nearly gave me a heart attack, I was totally unprepared. Then I joined in the screaming as well of course. Juniors appeared one by one at different parts of the stage ( Kansai Juniors and some others ) Then came the KAT-TUN introduction on the big screens. I try to cheer louder for Junno cause he needs more love.

Then all of a sudden, Fall Down started playing and KAT-TUN was on stage! All glitzy, shiny and fabulous. It was unbelievable seeing them before my eyes. It's like a confirmation that they are a billion times more wonderful than I ever thought they could be. Even in such a small venue they had the large moving platform. They were on the platform and as it moved forward towards me, my brain just shuts down and concentrate on screaming as loud as I can. Half the time I had a hand over my mouth in just sheer disbelief that I was actually seeing them. Fall Ddown is such a perfect opening song, it just set the mood and energy really high. My mind was filled with omgomgomgomgomgomg.

Gold- Don't you wanna see it when we make it worldwide! HELL YEAH. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM.

Real Face- Hand actions are really fun!

Yorokobi No Uta- The crowd loved this song! I didn't expect this.

One Drop, Keep the Faith, Love Yourself- I can't remember anything specific about them but they were still amazing for sure.

Rescue- The shooting flames were really hot. I wasn't really close to them but I could feel the heat. I wondered how they could dance so close to them and not catch fire. Their outfits looked pretty flammable to me with all those stringy bits hanging off them. They were mostly on stage and did the full dance sequence. I love it when they dance.

Going! -The boys in white with glaring spotlight on them- I swear it was difficult to look at them. They were so freaking bright and shiny. They glow, I DO NOT EXAGGERATE. I don't like this song but having it performed live was still fantastic. I love answering to their "Everybody say oh oh oh oh...."

Ai no Command- Again , I don't like this song but it's still great at a concert.

Jumping Up- I'd always wondered why they like to perform this song in concerts, now I know why. The energy level just skyrocketed for this song. It is such a fun song for a concert.

Bokura No Machi De- This is a lovely song. I didn't get the best view cause they were on the platform at the back of the hall.

Peaceful Days- K-A...K-A..K-A-T-T-U-N...T-T-U-N Did I mention how fun it is to sing with them? They threw their signed frisbee/card things here.

For the medley segment, they said that they were gonna do old sempai songs!!! I was so excited about that cause I have so much love for their Kinki Kids & SMAP covers..SO MUCH LOVE. But they surprised me still. The tune of Rhodesia started playing, and tears just welled up in my eyes. I don't even know why but it was so emotional for me to hear an old song, one that was not often sung, and also maybe it reminded me of Jin a lot. It was seriously one of the best moment in the concert.

Ueda left to prepare for his solo at the second song. The second song if I'm not wrong, was a T&T song. I don't know what song it was but it was mind blowingly cute and happy thanks to the dances. I haven't seen papa pics for this so I shall attempt to illustrate it

They formed little groups like these- KT + juniors. Kame was the foreground figure sitting on the floor with the brightest, sweetest smile on his face as he shook his head from side to side to the music. It looks a little like this picture

Don't ask me what the other members were doing, I could not take my eyes off from Kame for this one. His makes your heart swells. So freaking ridiculously beautiful...Sigh,

D- Motion- Best KT song to dance to ever!!! Kame had his hair tied up!!!!! It amazes me how he can always tie up his hair even when it's kind of short. They had on their pv outfits. How much do I love Kame's purple jacket, it just swishes so beautifully with him. And they all had on shades XD except for Maru who had on dorky glasses. Kame of course made a show out of taking off his shades and his hair tie. Gawd I love him so much.

There's a little intermission, then we saw Kame coming out and picking up an electric guitar from 5ive on the upper stage Let's not go into how much adorable he is. You can see from papa pics his arms were for show in all it's glory. XDDDDDDDDD So he played a few riffs of Smoke on The Water. Kame trying to be a rocker, it was just too adorable. I know he wasn't going for adorable, but it was still utterly cute. The spotlight went off him and onto Koki instead who appeared at the main stage in his Pierrot outfit. The music changed to Pierrot and Kame continued to play his part throughout the song ( I'm not sure if he's actually playing but he looks really into it XDDD I'll give him the benefit of the doubt)

Pierrot- This is probably my favourite Koki solo. This is also the ONLY non single song from Break the Records album they'd performed and for that I am eternally grateful. The ridiculousness of the song lyrics is beyond incredible. Oh Koki, I love you.

Maru's solo-medley- I love Maru's solos. He started of with his beatbox skills. He did it with the mic and without. I love it when he went off the mic, the whole hall was so silent . He also showed off some dance moves. He will always look awkward to me XDDDD.
He did 3 of his solos including Answer. Answer was magical. He sounded lovely.

Love Music- Junno was all smiles. He looked great, very prince charming-like

Rabbit or Wolf- Ueda in sandals, I don't know how is this important. This boy is so beautiful and adorable. Not much fan interaction, he basically just did his thing on stage. There were cool lighting effects.

Lost My Way- I was anticipating it like whoa. When the stage went dark I knew it was his turn. Spotlight was on him in his vampire garb when he appeared on upper stage on the moving platform.. Then the platform was lowered to the main stage so that we could see the fanservicing better XDDD. Juniors molesting him, him grabbing a Junior simulating a quick blowjob( my head was screaming JIN is going to kill you!!!!) And then finally going down on a Junior and sucking at his neck with ravenous appetite! HELL YEAH! If you've seen papa pics, the junior's head was sort of overhanging off the edge of the moving platform and the effect was really very intense.

Then Kame took off his cape in spectacular fashion as always getting ready for his little dance break but of course not all things went according to plan. Just as he began, he slipped! It was so terrifying. The crowd went quiet with worry. He didn't fall but it disrupted the routine and you could see how disappointed and also frustrated he was. That look on his face, seriously I don't want to cross his path. He walked towards the back pointing at the spot where he slipped saying something to the juniors. I half imagined that he was throwing a bitchfit and scolding the juniors, the other half thinks he's being a kind sempai and warning the juniors about that spot. He sort of gathered himself and caught the rhythm and resumed with the dance. I was so worried cause he was dancing on the very same slippery spot . The atmosphere turned really nervous and everyone was just worried. Thankfully no further mishaps happened.

This is followed by the clinic skit. Maru came out in his white coat. First thing that Kame did was complain to Maru about the poor maintenance of his clinic. He's like " I think someone spilt tea over there ( points at spot) It was really slippery you know, I almost fell ( does an impression of himself almost falling with full on sound effects)" 
Maru's face was so precious. I am very sure he was very tired of this skit already, lol. Kame can be so frustrating XDDDDDDDD
Kame continued to insist that it was Maru's fault. XDDD He is such a brat.
Owing to my excellent Japanese I'm not sure what they talked about. But Kame was speaking in this whiny bratty tone. Maru was so patient with him.

As they were speaking Kame was still sweating profusely and he tried to wipe the sweat away with his hands but kind of failed. The sweat kept getting into his eyes and it stung. HE LITERALLY WHINED ABOUT IT LIKE A FIVE YEAR OLD.Then he lifted his shirt to wipe his sweat to much fangirl screams.
I don't know how a 24 year old man can be so adorable. I just want to bring him home <333333333

(again my excellent Japanese) I think Maru told Kame to stop doing this vampire thing since it's so dangerous. Then Kame was like " But the fans love it..see......" HE GOES AND SUCK ON MARU'S NECK FOR FULL ON 5 SECONDS.... ASDFGHJKL.....The screams were unimaginable. Kame totally proved his point. XDDD Maru's life is so hard. His face was hilarious- a mixture of horror and impatience.
Then they went on to try to remove Kame's fangs. Kame is really an insufferable pain in the ass..XDDDDDD There were close to 10 attempts I think. Maru's patience was amazing. Maru was also making a machine like sound for the make-believe dental equipment as he sticks it into Kame's mouth. XD
The fangs could be removed pretty easily, Kame could do it at will with his tongue ( SKILLFULL TONGUE THERE) So whenever Maru tried to remove it Kame would remove it first with his tongue and kept it somewhere in his mouth...then he would put it back on again....
So after the many unsuccessful tries, Kame just got up and did a bit of his LMW dance and left the stage leaving Maru absolutely perplexed.
I think Maru said he was glad he didn't have to put up with it any much longer as the arena tours are ending. XD

Tengu segment- Boy are they hyper. Where do they find their energy? Ueda, Kame, Junno were on trampoline jumping non stop as Maru and Koki tried to get things going. As Maru and Koki were talking Ueda, Kame and Junno took turns to run across the trampolines.

Yamanote sen game- Maru brought out the balloon and attached it to the pipe. He didn't do it properly so the balloon came off and naturally the rest of KT came to poke fun at his fail XD The theme was Manzai duo. Maru said TaNaka XDDDD, well of course it didn't count. They're idols not comedians. Koki was stuck in his turn and the balloon was getting pretty huge. Kame was next and was really cute being ( pretending) terrified of the balloon. He kind of skirt around Koki with the cutest frightened expression on his face trying to get away from the balloon and sure enough it burst! At first it didn't seem like Koki had much of a reaction. But Kame insisted on a close up slow motion replay on the big screens and then proceeded to laugh at Koki's little jerk. Kame being Kame thought that it's hilarious and demanded that it be replayed four more times. Koki is like "Is this really necessary?" Kame is so silly XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

MC segment-
They thanked the fans for making their album no 1 on Oricon.They are so sweet, their gratitude felt really sincere. What? I am easy I know. Then Junno thanked us for waiting in the rain and I think KT told him to stop trying to win the crowd over. XD.

Koki talked about his Shigotonin special and Ueda about his solo concert. Ueda said that he was informed about it in a letter/fax from Johnny. He proceeded to reenact the scene of reading the letter with Johnny voice impression. The members all stopped him as they were puzzled how Ueda could do a VOICE impression when it's a letter XDDDD. They went on to talk about Johnny and how amazing he is and demonstrated with various impersonations .Lol. It was a bit too much, the johnny praise, but yes I am eternally grateful to that visionary man.

Ueda continued talking about his solo and the venues and he was praising our venue- Intex Osaka. He was going overboard with it saying it's the best venue in Osaka. The other members have to stop him and tell him there's still Kyocera Dome XDDD. He had make amends and added that Kyocera is awesome too! While Ueda was talking earlier, Kame lifted up his shirt to wipe off sweat again which was really mean cause everyone( me) stopped paying attention to Ueda and started screaming XD. Kame also added that he wants to join in Ueda's solo con. XD

They also talked about Maru's unmanageable hair. Kame being the main abuser XD
Koki told us that the Osaka crowd is really rowdy and brash? He said we "ehhhhhhhhh" in response to everything they'd said ( which we did) unlike other fans who were less vocal and more polite XDDDD
Then they brought out the juniors and introduced them a bit. I think it was asked who was the most diva(?) among the members and they decided that it's Junno XDDDD.Koki went on to demonstrate how Junno lounges on the couch when everyone is in the dressing room busy getting ready. XDDD Then a junior joined in and teased Junno too! Poor Junnno.

At one point a junior addressed Kame as Kazuya and Koki was IN RAGE..LOL. He was like, YOU DON'T GET TO CALL HIM KAZUYA. Kame is oblivious to it XD Junno randomly calls Kame Kazuya too XDDDDDD

After that 5ive performed their song followed by the Kansai Juniors. Kansai juniors are so much fun, K8 in the making! I even saw a Ryo look alike.

1st encore- We were chanting encore. And from backstage Koki was scolding us for being too soft. XDDD Still from backstage, he led us in the encore calls and we got louder naturally. According to him we sounded like 3-8 people only.
They sang Smile and we sang the la la la part for them. When they waved goodbye at us and we waved back, it truly felt special. It's silly but I felt much closer to them. Their heartfelt thanks really touched me. I was perpetually starry eyed. Sure it's just a routine for them, but I really do think they meant it. Junno's message was especially hilarious, . He did his 3 word love letter thing ( remember ctkt?) and said Love Me, Love Music, and Love Minna. The others were appalled at him. They held hands and bowed, Maru curtsied XDDDD. As usual Kame had the deepest bow. 

2nd encore- They came out through the tubes. Say their thank yous again. It was short and sweet. Maru curtsied again XD

3rd encore- I love the crowd. For sure I thought it was over cause lights came on and it looked really over. But we were very unsatisfied with just a few words from them. We wanted a song dammit. So came the loudest chants for the night in the form of "mou ikkai" ( one more time) and "utatte" ( sing!!!) It's a wonderful feeling to scream for them united in one voice. And sure enough I saw the members of 5ive returning on stage and we all screamed like there is no tomorrow. Somehow, watching them leave and having them return was really exhilarating. Encores ftw.

They came back out on stage and Kame told us we're "urusai" XDDDDDD Maru complained that he had already changed his shoes. Koki complained that we are very hard to please. XDDD So they decided to do Going! This song will forever be special to me now. They went all out to please the crowd in this last song- moving everywhere on their individual carts. waving and interacting with fans. Kame showing off his sexy shoulder. I say this a lot but he sure does invite rape. And finally Kame came by my aisle on the cart, just this one time. It made my night although he was looking no where near in my direction. The five of them returned on stage say their thank yous casually and left. And that was it, no more encore calls, everyone was satisfied and ready to go home

Even more random notes- Kame centric.

At one of the songs, Kame went on a cart and I believe the staff was pushing it in the wrong direction. Kame was trying to get their attention to change its course but couldn't as it was too noisy so he had to kick at the cart repeatedly. That was a scary sight. He wasn't that near to me so I couldn't see his facial expression but for the second time that night, I was sure I do not want to piss Kamenashi Kazuya off especially when it relates to work. He finally got the staff's attention and proceeded to yell at him and point at the right direction. Well, the yelling was necessary since it's such a noisy venue, but still it was scary. Perfectionist Kame, I love and fear him.

Kame likes to make faces at the crowd- cute, dorky, silly, sexy, you name it.
Kame likes to wear his jacket just off one shoulder. Same goes with the concert T-shirt. He was nowhere near me when it happened and still I was nosebleeding like mad.Unf his shoulder.......
Kame also likes to lift up his shirt to reveal his sexy belly. He did this on four different occasions a couple mentioned above)
Kame likes to shake his butt (one for the Tengu segment)
Kame likes to spray his bottle of water at fans
Kame threw his towel into the crowd at encore- I WANT
Kame and two others (possibly Junno and Ueda) did the para para dance with happy smiley faces. Beyond cute 
Kame took off his wrap around waist-scarf thing at one point and later replaced it with his towel's like he came out of brain
Kame likes to go really close to Maru and stare at him, I think he enjoys making Nakamaru uncomfortable.
Ueda tied up his hair water sprout style towards the later part of the concert- it casts the cutest shadow ever.
Koki is the most personable of them all. He is just so friendly and open. I feel like I can be best friends with him 
I caught one of their golden streamers that exploded from the ceiling
Koki took off his shirt at encore. Yummy.
Junno told us to get a foot massage after the con. They should give us some massage vouchers. Standing for close to 3 hrs is no small feat.
One tiny little miff- The absence of DON'T YOU EVER STOP- I waited and waited for this song but it was not meant to be ): 

Final note.

I saw the most of Maru and Junno up close. Next is Koki and then Kame. Least was Ueda unfortunately. I really wanted to be blown away by his pretty. Lol, so my two prettiest ones avoid me. But still, just being in the same space as them was exciting enough. It was 2hours 45 minutes of pure adrenaline rush and a whirlwind of other emotions. Nothing can truly compare to it. I've only been to solo concerts which are quieter and just no where near as energetic. The boys move around a lot and it could get quite dizzying trying to keep track of them. Needless to say they are all really beautiful and shiny. Shiny is really the best word to describe them. They project happiness, dreams, fantasies- things that elude us in our everyday lives. I love and miss them so much. I am incredibly proud of them now as they step out of Japan.

You deserve a cookie if you'd read through all of the above. While editing this ( it still needs a lot of editing) I realised how insanely Kame-bias I am. I love the rest too I DO. I feel the need to justify that.

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