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BBC Sherlock is the best thing I've seen this year, which have turned me into a crazy new fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, watching everything he appears in. With a name like that it can never go wrong. So of course I had to draw him- see I don't just draw Kame XD

full view under cut )

KAT-TUN's new song title "Change Ur World", the "ur" is amusing me loads XD
It sounds upbeat and dancey and YAY!!!!! I can't wait.
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I don't usually work with colours as you can see why...D:

Acrylic paint, but edited some parts with photoshop because I am allowed to cheat XP
Also hair is a mess cause I have no patience to do it after 5 hrs.
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I heard this line "I always feel like...." on a tv ad and I immediately snapped up cause it sounds exactly like D-Motion's "I wanna feel like..."
Call me crazy but check it out at 0:53 second. And it amuses me so how the whole song is techno-fied too.

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I was so amused when I was paying at the cashiers. This is at Watson's, a  health and beauty chain store and no I wasn't tempted to get one.


Oct. 4th, 2009 11:54 am
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He is one fine man, i simply cannot resist.

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Merlin: There must be easier ways to prove yourself..
Arthur: Shut up Merlin

Oh Merlin, your life is so hard. It's unfortunate that it is your destiny.
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